Diagnostic Testing, Nutritional Supplements and Support

The staff at Pleasanton Family Wellness center works with each unique patient to help solve many of the puzzeles in today’s healthcare. We begin  with the most troublesome or uncomfortable symptoms and after a thorough health histoy begin to prescribe diagnostic tests, medical grade nutritional supplements, individual nutritional counseling and support.

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Pregnancy and Post-Partum Support

Pregnancy is a thrilling time but it can be filled with unexpected aches and pains, or a need for additional nutritional and emotional support. Pleasanton Family Wellness offers every patient complete and individualized prenatal and post delivery support. This care may include prenatal and post delivery massage, nutritional support and supplements, as well as light therapy to support tissue healing after cesarean or vaginal delivery. Read more

Infant Massage                          Classes

Infant massage is a beautiful way to bond with your baby while providing relief from digestive disorders such as colic, constipation and chest congestion. You will learn to help your baby relax naturally and the parent-child bond can be visibly improved after massage. Pleasanton Family Wellness teaches massage techniques in private or group settings.  
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Therapeutic Massage

The health benefits of touch extend beyond simply soothing aches and pains In fact, a growing body of research suggests that a professional massage is even better for you than previously thought.  Read more

Post Injury or Surgery Recovery

In addition to treating the aches and pains of everyday living, Pleasanton Family Wellness has specialty training to provide treatment for life’s unexpected events. Recovering from an automobile accident, knee, hip or rotator cuff injury surgery, the healing touch of massage therapy may be combined with light therapy or electric stimulation to provide pain relief and promote healing. Read more

Cancer Support

Doctors know that therapeutic massage can reduce stress, induce relaxation and ease the side effects experienced during chemotherapy, radiation and other cancer treatments. The staff at Pleasanton Family Wellness knows specifically that massage with a specific focus on acupressure points can reduce pain, nausea, anxiety and fatigue. These techniques can also help with blood circulation and toxicity. Read more..



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