Breast Cancer SurvivorTherapeutic Massage for Cancer

Doctors know that therapeutic massage can reduce stress, induce relaxation and ease the side effects experienced during chemotherapy, radiation and other cancer treatments. The staff at Pleasanton Family Wellness knows specifically that massage with a specific focus on acupressure points can reduce pain, nausea, anxiety and fatigue. These techniques can also help with blood circulation and toxicity.

Pleasanton Family Wellness is a proud participating provider for the Sandra J. Wing Healing Therapies Foundation.

Light Therapy

Pleasanton Family Wellness Center offers light therapy to aid in tissue healing and regeneration. This treatment modality has provided relief from radiation sensitivities or burns and aids tissue recovery after surgery.

Nutritional Supplements and Support

Cancer and its treatments often alter the body’s chemistry and micronutrients balance. Pleasanton Family Wellness Center offers personalized recommendations for supplements to boost your individual health and ease the side effects associated with your individual cancer treatment plan.